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Posted 6 months ago

How You Can Have a Direct Impact on Reducing The Devastating Racial Disparities of COVID-19

Nurses are in the key position to positively impact these COVID-19 disparities.

Racial Health Disparities are not new to the U.S. health care system. But now more than ever, you can have a direct and lifesaving impact on the recognition, care and treatment, and recovery from COVID-19 in these vulnerable populations.

After viewing this on-demand webinar, you will have very specific actions you can take immediately to save more lives.

Topics include:

  • The magnitude and origins of COVID-19 racial disparities
  • Addressing the roots of the problem
  • Facing Implicit Bias: An effort we all must make
  • How to translate insight and knowledge into life-saving actions
  • Points of intervention when caring for a COVID-19 patient and how you can make an impact on each step of the way

When the history of the COVID-19 pandemic is written, racial disparities maybe its saddest and most avoidable chapter. View this webinar and discover how you can take action now to help to turn this dire situation around.


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